Operation Day’s Work – USA

The ODW-School for Iqbal Masih connection

The Iqbal Masih-Broad Meadows Middle School-ODW-USA story goes back 24 years to the day (Dec.2, 1994) when Iqbal Masih actually attended the Broad Meadows Middle School for a day as an honorary Broad Meadows student complete with an assigned locker, schedule of classes and translator. Iqbal’s visit changed everything that day, and has inspired generations of students to take actions against child labor. That’s right. 24 years of Broad Meadows students children raising funds and trying to raise awareness of the horrors of child labor. 24 years of working with others to literally help to fund into existence each school year an education project for vulnerable peers. And they do all this on Fridays, after school as volunteers.

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ODW-USA student leaders receive an award from the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum  (L to R: Kania and Erin)

U.S. teachers, students, parents: Looking for a way to “do democracy” instead of just taking tests on it? Want to give young Americans a chance to nominate, debate, lobby and vote in a national, student led election that actually changes the lives of vulnerable children in a developing country each school year?  Well, that is exactly what ODW-USA has done annually since 1998.

Schools in grades 5-12 in schools in Vermont, Massachusetts and Arkansas are member schools. Your school is invited to join also. It’s free to join.

To join, write to us at odw.usa@gmail.com

2016 student voting results: the 2016 ODW-USA Charity of the Year is the Alliance for Children Foundation

The ODW-USA vote means ODW  partners with ACF  so that 48 orphans in the AFC school in Kenscoff, HAITI will receive from ODW member schools tuition assistance, health care, safety and hope. ODW-USA is youth helping youth to help themselves.

alliance for children

Q:   about ODW to Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satiyathi  (March 2015)

A:   “The students …are amazing and are an inspiration for all schoolchildren. They have proven that all children in the world are one. Children truly feel their moral responsibility towards their peers. With a small but significant contribution they can bring about a big change.”


kailash satiyarthi

Kailash Satiyarthi and students of the Broad Meadows Middle School   (co-founders of ODW-USA) have a long history of working together against child labor and global poverty from marching, to Congress, to conferences to ODW voting to make Kailash’s “GoodWeave” its Charity of the Year. (L to R: BMMS students Stacey Smith, Greia Amarra,  Kailash, BMMS students Amanda Loos and Meagan Donoghue)

good weave

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