ODW-USA   Big Question  # 1   

Does ODW-USA actually provide life changing, sustainable aid to vulnerable children in a developing country each school year?

The ANSWERS  in the words of recent  co-founders of charities voted by  ODW-USA members to be an ODW-USA  Annual Partners:

(Below are video or written endorsements in their own words from former ODW Annual Partners such as:  a Nobel Peace Prize winner (Kailash Satiyarthi of INDIA) who founded GoodWeave; a documentary filmmaker and co-founder of The Kenyan School House Project (Len Morris) and the founder and Executive Director of the American Foundation for Children Affected by AIDS-Zimbabwe.)

Here is a link to a 5 minute Len Morris produced video tribute to ODW-USA. Len is an award winning filmmaker and a co-founder of The Kenyan School House Project which was the student voted 2013 ODW-USA Annual Project.

Len’s  5 minute video tribute is actually included in Len Morris’ latest 2015 documentary The Same Heart.

The Same Heart features interviews with Nobel Prize winners of Economics and other Laureates who offer their expert opinions on how global poverty and child labor can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced.

How about this write-up from the The Kenyan School House website?


The Good People Fund has for many, many years donated office supplies, encouraged and believed in the power of ODW students to repair this weary world. Here is The Good People Fund’s 5 minute video summary of ODW-USA. This video is called The Quincy Kids (co-founders along with Thetford Academy in Vermont) of ODW-USA.

Do you have time to read a blog entry from Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 titled “Rain and Sunshine” posted by Tanya Weaver, the ED (Executive Director) of the American Foundation for Children Affected by AIDS


ODW-USA        Big Question # 2

How do member students feel about being young but equal partners with ODW-USA Annual Partners such as Dr. Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health-Haiti?

Below is a link to an original “ODW Song” written, performed and produced by a middle school student after attending just two ODW-USA meetings. She is Jazzlyn Starr.

Here is the link to her “ODW Song” (written by, produced by, performed by 12 year old Jazzlyn Starr after attending an ODWUSA meeting)

ODW-USA         Big Question # 3  

How does a school join ODW-USA?

Any school can join, but membership currently is for students in Grades 5-12.  Joining ODWUSA  is free. To apply,  just write to us at   odw.usa@gmail.com

Who are the member schools?

The 2016 ODW Member schools are: co-founder Thetford Academy in Vermont; The Newton School in Vermont; co-founder the Broad Meadows Middle School in Massachusetts; Archbishop Williams High School in Massachusetts; the Springhill Elementary School in Arkansas; Silver Lake Regional Middle School in Massachusetts; Quincy High School in Massachusetts

Have time to read a newspaper clipping featuring our newest member school the Springhill Elementary School in Arkansas?


ODW-USA            Big Question # 4    

When do the students in your school PRACTICE DEMOCRACY and not just get tested on it?

Note: ODW-USA is democracy in action. Each school year begins (September/October)  with member schools researching and nominating and inviting reputable charities in developing countries to submit a Grant Application for the $10,000 raised annually by all the member schools collectively. Read the Annual Partner Projects below to see how $10,000 actually turns into life changing, sometimes life saving aid.

In mid October, students debate the strengths and weaknesses of each grant submitted (typically 6 -8 grant applications are submitted to ODW-USA by the deadline October 31 each year.

In November, Lobbying and more research takes place, and then  ODW-USA members cast a secret ballot vote. The grant applicant receiving the most school votes IS THE ANNUAL PARTNER PROJECT ( the winner is announced each year on December 1) . That organization gets the $10,000. Lives are changed in that country. The rest of the school year students create fun, fundraisers or “A Day’s Work.”

ODW-USA goes beyond typical student council elections. Members nominate, debate, lobby and vote for real, for really vulnerable children for immediate safety, education, health care and hope.

If your school is not an ODW-USA member school, ask yourself this question: when do students in your community DO DEMOCRACY and not just get tested on it?

ODW-USA members practice democracy that impacts lives.

ODW-USA is not like some school votes (which sometimes are just popularity contests).